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About Us

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Urbano Rodriguez

All my family are from Spain, but I born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I live and work here. I'm graduated in marketing and advertising, and here in my studio I develop my work as a Art Director, Designer, and 3D Modeller.

The 3D Design

As a designer, I always tried to develop a work which exceed the expectation of my clients. Around 2006, I started to "play" with some 3D softwares, with the main intention of improve the quality of my work, and very quickly, I was totally addicted to 3D.

The 3D Printing

I have a drawing I made when I was very young, it´s a kind of "weird" alien skull, but it's something I always thought to bring to real life, as an sculpture, or something else. At 2014, I found a 3D print company called Shapeways, when I was surfing over internet, and I became absolutely amazed, about the idea to turn "ideas" in things. Of course, my old "alien skull" was the first model I printed, and I need to say that, hold in my hands that teenager drawing as a real object, was really a dream come true. I became paralysed for some time, looking to that drawing materialised, and in those minutes, I could see passing through my mind, all of those distant years of my life. Was one of the most incredible sensations I had ever.

The Ring Boxes

After create many cool gadgets and toys, as can be seen in my portfolio, I decided to make my first jewel, only a simple pendant with the shape and the relief of the Moon.
One day I received a message from a customer asking me for that Moon, but not as pendant, but as a hollow sphere to be used as a Ring Box.
After I finished the custom job, I left that new Moon Ring Box on sale in my shop, and then I start to receive many other requests of Ring Boxes, in many other shapes and themes. This way I started the collection of geek, gamer, and thematic Ring Boxes I have on sale in my shop. Today, thousand of Ring Boxes sold, I'm still creating and developing new models, and receiving many requests from customers.

Urbano Rodriguez Geek Ring Boxes Designer

"I'm absolutely crazy for design, and the fascination of create something new, gives me a feeling what I simply can't stop to looking for. I can say that's a kind of addiction about something, that without, I can't feel really happy. This is what moves me on."