Exclusive Insert Models to Customize your Geek Ring Boxes – Urbano Rodriguez

All Insert Models to Customize the Geek Ring Boxes

Every Geek Ring Boxes from the Urbano Rodriguez Store, can be customised with one of the six Interchangeable Insert Models available. All of them are produced with the Exclusive Rigid Holder System® engineering, made with durable material, allows the perfect and easy assembly of the box, and hold the ring safely, without weak hinges, fabric or foam.
This Exclusive System, allows you to have one or more Inserts, and switch them as your convenience, for a use with the Single Ring Holder on an Engagement, with the Double Ring Holder with two rings on a Wedding, or even after the Big Day, with the Jewelry Case Model, for use as Jewelry Storage and also as a Coll Nerdy Piece of Decor.