Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box
Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box
Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box
Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box
Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box
Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box
Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box
Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box

Death Star "Star Wars Style" Ring Box

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Surprise who you love with this amazing Death Star "Star Wars" style Ring Box, and get ready to hear the best YES of your life!

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Live the Proposal, Engagement or Wedding of your dreams!
Customise this moment, and live it as if in a Sci Fi Movie!
Transform this big day an unforgettable experience!
Let the event even more remarkable!
Step up the surprise with this unexpected Ring Box!
Make it happen and enjoy the YES that will change your life!

 Exclusive design by Urbano Rodriguez. (Not Sold in Stores)

Exclusive and detailed designed Death Star "Star Wars" style.
● High Quality, No Home 3D Printers Used.
● Exclusive Rigid Holder System®.
● Holder for one or two rings, Regular, Large or Mix.
● Insert option for use as a Jewel Case.
● Exclusive Latch System, without weak hinges.
● Seamless Joints or visible screws.
● Custom Imperial Seal Stand. (Optional)

Rigid Holder System video.
Exclusive Rigid Holder System® engineering, made with durable material, allows the perfect assembly of the box and hold the ring safely, without hinges, fabric or foam.

Review Death Star ring box.

● Ring Box Diameter: External 1.85"/47mm, Internal 1.65"/42mm.
Total Dimensions (With the Stand): 1.85"/47mm (W) x 2.20"/56mm (H) x 1.85"/47mm (D)
Material: 3D printed in Metal or Plastic.
Items Included: Sphere Ring Box + Insert Ring Holder or Case.
● Stand sold separately.
● Ring shown in the images not included.

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All items are 3D printed on demand and Shipped by UPS.
The regular time to ship items in metal, are 10-12 business days, and in plastic, 5-6 business days.
We ship Worldwide, so the time of delivery varies by country. Usually with Standard Shipping, it takes 1-4 days to USA, 1-3 days to EU, and 2-8 days to other countries.
Tracking Number is sent as soon the item is shipped, check it out anytime on menu.
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100% Money Back Guarantee.

To change the REGULAR Ring Holder for the LARGE, or the CASE Model, just add to your order ONE of the messages below:
To change the SINGLE Ring Holder for the DOUBLE, just buy the "OPTION" in this link: Double Ring Holder
● To add the IMPERIAL SEAL STAND to your order, just buy it in this link: Imperial Stand

Models of insert available.

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Look and feel of materials.

See How to Assemble your Death Star Ring Box in the video below.

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